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Nutrition & Oral Health

How Nutrition Impacts Oral and General Health

In Part 1 of this important series, we will focus on diet as it relates to dental/oral health. Be sure to look for upcoming topics in this series.

Can you imagine how many times a day a compliment is given to those with beautiful smiles? Most of the time, the compliment-giver is recognizing the beauty of a person’s teeth. After all, teeth are what we show to the world when we smile. Teeth affect our self-esteem and our ability to socialize, as well as our ability to enjoy food. Not to mention, the most important factor of all, the impact teeth have on our nutrition and health.

In Part 1 of this series we will explore what we eat and how we eat… the variety of food in our diets… all of which contribute to the social experience and enjoyment of food. Further, we’ll discover just how oral health impacts our general health and well being. A sound and nutritionally adequate diet is not only vital for general health, but also for the proper formation of teeth and maintenance of oral health… Read more – Read Full Article in our library…

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