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Gum Disease Home Treatment

For patients who need periodontal treatments, it used to mean that the majority of treatments had to be performed in-office.  Periodontal treatments can make a dramatic difference in a patient’s oral health, and can prevent periodontitis and gum disease from worsening.

Today, Dr. Mohamed Ali offers a variety of effective periodontal treatments that can be used in the convenience of a patient’s home.  Some of these treatments include:

  • PerioProtect- this periodontal treatment system uses trays that extend to the gum area.  The trays are worn a few times a day for 10-15 minutes, and a special gel is inserted into the tray.  The gel releases oxygen, which in-turn can kill anaerobic bacteria.  This is a simple, yet effective way for a patient to control periodontal disease with some of the latest technology available.
  • Floss- this is another simple way to help treat and prevent periodontal disease.  Taking the time to learn to floss can reach the areas that are affected most by periodontal disease.
  • Quit Smoking- smoking is one of the top correlations to periodontal disease.  To learn more information about how you can quit smoking for your oral health, contact Dr. Mohamed Ali.
  • Take Control of Your Oral Health- visit Dr. Mohamed Ali regularly to ensure that your periodontal health remains in excellent shape.  Dr. Mohamed Ali can discuss other periodontal treatment options with you that are performed in-office.

Oral health is the window to the rest of your health.  To learn more about how you can maintain your periodontal health from home, and to learn about Dr. Mohamed Ali’s other in-office procedures, contact our San Francisco office today.

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