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Root Canal Pain

Root Canal Pain

Many patients who need a root canal worry about the pain that is associated with the procedure.  However, Dr. Mohamed Ali utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure that patients feel comfortable and that pain is minimized.

Dr. Mohamed Ali uses a surgical microscope to perform root canals.  This technique allows for Dr. Ali to view the canal more easily targeting the infected areas more effectively and with more precision.  This treatment also yields less pain, less time in the dentist’s chair, and more comfort for the patient.

Patients who have had a root canal performed by Dr. Mohamed Ali compare the experience to that of getting a tooth filled for a cavity.  The procedure is simple, relatively painless, and requires little recovery time.  With Dr. Ali, you do not have to worry about a painful procedure with a root canal, as your comfort is one our San Francisco practice’s priorities.

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To learn more about our root canal procedure and our dental technology, contact Dr. Mohamed Ali.  Our San Francisco team is dedicated to providing patients with outstanding service and care.  To find out more information about how dental care should be, call us today.

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