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Dr. Mohamed Ali and our team specializes in implant, cosmetic, and general dentistry. We are here to assist you on your journey to a healthy smile. You may be in need of dental implants, cosmetic dental procedures, or other dental procedures. Perhaps you're on track for full mouth rehabilitation. Our attentive team is supportive, compassionate, and knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way. One of our advanced technology features in Dr. Ali's office is the treatment planning and communicating software. This software is an effective and efficient tool that allows our patients to see and understand Dr. Ali's treatment recommendations on their own x-rays, ct scans, or digital photographs. No more waiting for x-rays to be developed and evaluated. During your new patient consultation, digital full mouth radiographs are taken and immediately imported into the software program. During your consultation, Dr. Ali will tour your mouth with you. He'll discuss his evaluation, diagnoses, and treatment recommendations and you'll see exactly what he sees. You're not looking at a prototype you'll see your mouth on the computer monitor. A picture is worth a thousand words. Using your x-ray, Dr. Ali can demonstrate visually by drawing or highlighting directly on the image. This eliminates the confusion and frustration of not understanding dental terms so you can understand what Dr. Ali is explaining. Communication is key to the treatment success. It's important to Dr. Ali that you understand his diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Understanding allows you to have a peace of mind and trust with the services provided. Using innovative technology, like the treatment planning communication and consult pro educational softwares, this will help you visualize your treatment plan and it's just one more way of saying we care. We want to make your transition to our office as smooth as possible. Our scheduling coordinator will arrange a convenient 90 minute appointment and collect information so we can begin preparing for your consultation immediately. Before you arrive, within a couple of days of your initial call, you can access our website and complete the questionnaire forms or we will send you a welcome package in the mail. We want you to have the time to complete the questionnaire in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. Upon arrival a warm and comfortable atmosphere welcomes you. We've been waiting for you.

Welcome to Our Dental Office

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  • Welcome to Our Dental Office
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