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Dental Care During COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned into a worldwide emergency and a pandemic. Unfortunately, this has stimulated the risk of oral hygiene among people. Recently, the COVID-19 virus was identified in the saliva of infected patients. And saliva plays a vital role in the human-to-human transmission of the virus. Dentists and other healthcare employees who perform aerosol-generating procedures may be unconsciously providing direct care for the affected but not yet identified COVID-19 patients, or those considered to be the suspected cases for surveillance. Hence, dentists need to refine preventive protocols to avoid the COVID-19 infection by giving priority on patient placement, hand hygiene, and all personal protective equipment (PPE).

Due to the unique features of dental procedures where a large number of droplets and aerosols could be generated, the standard protective measures in daily clinical work are not sufficient to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is more difficult when patients in the incubation period are unaware that they are infected or choose to conceal their infection. Hence, all the dental practices and hospitals worldwide have started taking strict and effective infection control protocols urgently due to this pandemic. Dr. Mohamed Ali’s dental clinic has adopted all the safety protocols to fight COVID-19 because the well-being of our dental team and patients are our top priority.

Given the present situation that each of us across the world finds ourselves in, maintaining excellent personal hygiene has arguably never been so important. Dr. Ali says, “maintaining these habits and being as hygienic as possible protects you and protects everyone around you.” 

He suggests the following measures to implement during this pandemic that help you avoid infection or spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19):

1. Never share your toothbrush 

No matter how you are related or how close you are to the people you stay with, it would be best if you did not share your toothbrush with anybody in your family. This is one of the easiest ways for viruses and other blood-borne infections to be caught from others. For the same reason, we should make sure that toothbrush heads are also kept with a proper gap from each other’s brushes.

2. Close the toilet lid before flushing

Where you are keeping your toothbrush is very important. If you are storing your brush in a place near your toilet, every time someone flushes, some of the sprays may fly out of the toilet and sit on your toothbrush.

Some research works already suggest that the virus can spread via fecal matter (poo). Hence, make sure your brush is at a safe distance away from your toilet, or it is always better to make sure you close the lid before flushing.

3. Keep changing your toothbrush frequently

It’s vital to change your toothbrush quite often, or the brush head, at least in every three months. Perhaps even earlier if your bristles become driven away. This also helps to ensure that you are having an effective brushing. A worn brush can’t do its’ job, of course. Changing your brush frequently also prevents the spread of the bacteria. If you have had ever coronavirus (or doubt that you may have), then make sure to get a new toothbrush or a brush head.

4. Getting an appointment with a dentist always helps

During this uncertain period, it is better to always check before any appointment that you give a phone call. Be prepared for your appointment to be delayed or canceled for the safety of both patients and staff. 

5. Properly clean and sanitize your bathroom frequently

Our bathrooms are where most of us store our mouthwashes, toothbrushes, flannels, towels, and other intimate items. It is also the place where we go to get ourselves clean. Hence, the bathroom surfaces must be cleaned regularly using a cleaning product containing bleach.

6. Always ensure to do the basics

Our dental health should be considered as a priority. In addition to visiting your local dentist when possible, don’t neglect the simple day-to-day habits that help you maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste twice every day. Drink plenty of water and reduce taking sugary foods and also drinks. Keep cleaning between your teeth every day with interdental brushes or floss and consider using mouthwash.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any queries that you may have. Please visit our website at, where we have posted information about our infection prevention and control protocols, and information about COVID-19. At Dr. Mohamed Ali’s office, he will thoroughly assess your mouth before recommending any treatment for you, considering your dental issues. If required, he might suggest some alternatives which are best suited for your needs. The billing experts will inspect your insurance benefits. They will offer you a complete treatment plan with all the necessary arrangements. Every major dental and medical PPO insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare. There is also an in-office Plan for Health for those who don’t have any insurance. Also, we have partnered with various financial institutions like The Lending Club, Care Credit, Healthcare Finance Solutions to make your treatment extremely affordable. So sit, relax, and get sparkling white teeth. Call us today to schedule your consultation. You can reach us at 415.391.7751.

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