Dentures are a custom-made removable dental replacement created for multiple missing teeth. Full dentures replace most to all of your teeth, while partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are created specifically for each patient and are made in a dental laboratory.

Both full dentures and partial dentures are created to support facial muscles and the lips.  This ensures that the patient is able to eat and speak without difficulties, as the muscles do not sag or recede.

There are two common types of dentures: conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures can replace all of the teeth in the lower and upper arch.  They are created and placed after all or most of a patient’s teeth have been removed and the oral tissues have healed.  If teeth are extracted to allow for more denture stability, then months of healing may be required before conventional dentures can be placed.

Immediate dentures are placed in a patient’s mouth as soon as the teeth are removed.  These dentures allow for a patient to have teeth during the healing process. Typically, immediate dentures are replaced with conventional dentures after the gums have healed.

When Are Dentures Recommended?

Dr. Ali may recommend dentures if a patient has lost, or is about to lose, all teeth due to disease, decay, surgery, or injury.  After a comprehensive examination of the teeth, gums, and the surrounding bone structure, Dr. Ali will describe all of the potential dental procedure options.

If dentures are the best option for you, then a patient can expect the following:

  • Oral surgery may be required to prepare the mouth for dentures.  Teeth may need to be extracted to improve the dentures’ overall stability in the mouth.
  • A “trial” appointment may be necessary to ensure that your customized dentures fit to your mouth’s shape and size.  Dr. Ali will use all of the information gained through this trial to ensure that you experience the best fit and stability from your dentures. Through this appointment, the shape of the teeth, color, and fit will be perfected.
  • Dentures and oral tissues must be checked every year to make certain that the oral bone and tissues are in good health.  These appointments can detect inflammation of supporting tissues in the mouth early, and can minimize the shrinkage of oral bone and tissue.

Dentures can provide patients with the freedom to speak, eat, and laugh without hesitation.  If you would like to learn more about dentures, and find out how they can make you more confident in your daily life, contact San Francisco dentist Dr. Mohamed Ali.

A smile should not only look beautiful, but provide stability and functionality as well.  With dentures, patients can experience all of those qualities.  Learn more about dentures from our dental team today.