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One-Visit Crown – Procedure | Advantages

The one-visit crown is a natural-looking, tooth-colored crown – to make your tooth healthy again. Time has brought a lot of changes; you no more need to struggle to fit numerous dentist appointments into your busy schedule. Nor do you require to break the bank when deciding to get a dental crown. One-visit crowns can be defined as a single-visit product and procedure to restore broken-down posterior teeth. They are done directly in the mouth with no impressions or laboratory work required. Innovative technologies like the one-visit crown first came into practice in 2013 and presently offered by many dentists; it is now termed “a dentistry game-changer.”

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown has many benefits and functions, including restoring fractured teeth, covering dental implants, strengthening root canal treated teeth, and replacing discolored teeth. A dental crown provides a way to future-proof your teeth, protect weak teeth from fracturing, and give you a more energetic, healthier, and better-looking smile.

When is a crown required?

  • Densely filled, weak, and cracked teeth – Large fillings fill the space but don’t reinforce a strong tooth structure. Cracks can start spreading from the corners, leading to cusp breakage.
  • Critically decayed teeth – If your nerve is still active, the priority is to save it from further decay and exposure. If the nerve dies, you will develop severe toothache and abscess.
  • Root filled with the little remaining tooth – Once you get a root canal, it is vital to save your tooth from breakage and further infection. 

What is the procedure for one-visit crowns?

Traditional dental crowns need multiple dental appointments. Your initial consultation will determine whether you require a crown. At your first appointment, your tooth will be completely prepared, which involves removing away the decay. The dentist will take a mould of your prepared tooth, and they will fit a temporary crown. You will then require to return in a couple of weeks to get your actual crown done. The OVC (One-Visit Dental Crown) is quite affordable, and the procedure is very efficient. Your dentist uses the initial consultation appointment to take a mould of your tooth – without drilling. This is then sent to the laboratory. A custom-made tooth is prepared and placed, which considerably cuts down treatment time, eliminates the need for temporary crowns, and repeats visits. 

What are the advantages of one-visit crowns?

They consist of a hardened ceramic occlusal surface attached to an uncured layer, bonded directly to the prepared tooth. All the components are included in a neat little box: instructions, the crown, matrix band, wedge, plastic replica, and size selector key. The preformed occlusal portion saves time as there is only minimal contouring required. They are great for patients who can’t afford a conventional crown and also ideal for teeth that have had root canal therapy. If needed, they can be drilled through later to perform root therapy without any risk of breakage. If you can do a sizeable composite restoration, you will be able to do these. There are plenty of online articles and videos that show how they are used.

What’s not so good about one-visit crowns?

Nothing. Like anything, you will need a bit of practice to streamline your steps. After doing a few, these can be placed in about an hour.

We can conclude that one-visit crown is a new and innovative technology. One-visit crown allows us to restore the teeth that have been worn excessively, are broken, have had substantial sections destroyed by tooth decay, or for any aesthetic purposes. This revolutionary crown process encases the entire visible aspect of the tooth; a dental crown will become the tooth’s new outer surface. It allows you to walk out of our clinic with ceramic crowns that look exactly like natural teeth. Crown restoration prevents a weak tooth from fracturing, restores a fractured tooth, covers a dental implant, covers a discolored or poorly shaped tooth, or covers a tooth that has had a root canal treatment. They are different from traditional crown restoration treatments as they do not need moulds to send a dental lab. Moreover, your treatment will be done in a single-visit!

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