Oral Surgery

Patients who are considering oral surgery tend to be afraid of their post-operative pain and swelling. Utilizing a growth hormone during your surgery can minimize the post-operative pain and swelling. This operation requires the skills of an oral surgeon or a dentist to perform a minimally invasive surgery by making small and precise cuts with the goal of inflicting less trauma to the hard and soft tissue involved in the surgery.

There are several advanced techniques we utilize in our practice. Cone beam technology allows Dr. Ali to have a 3D image of the surgical area so he can better assess and plan for treatment. Additionally, Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF), which is harvested from the patient’s own blood, has been a great benefit for patients. The patients who utilize L-PRF have experienced the healing pace increase much quicker, with pain and swelling decreased to a very small level. L-PRF is a virtually painless procedure that only requires a small blood sample. It lowers the risk of complications due to it not having additives, chemicals, and foreign substances. Due to the healing properties, it promotes a fast recovery that is FDA cleared. If you have wisdom teeth which need to be extracted, dental implants, or have had bone graft surgery, it’s wise to discuss the L-PRF therapy with Dr. Mohamed Ali.