Periodontal Therapy

Our approach to periodontal therapy is to treat periodontal conditions as a part of a person’s total health. Periodontal disease has an impact on overall wellness, indicated in research that states health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are linked to periodontal disease.

We offer periodontal health screenings to evaluate if patients are at risk for systemic disease.  In addition, we coordinate with a patient’s medical health providers to reduce health risks through effective periodontal treatment.

Dr. Mohamed Ali believes that preventative care can make a dramatic difference for patient health. Some preventative care measures include:

  • PerioProtect – this periodontal treatment system uses trays that extend to the gum area.  The trays are worn a few times a day for 10-15 minutes, and a special gel is inserted into the tray.  The gel releases oxygen, which in-turn can kill anaerobic bacteria.  This is a simple, yet effective way for a patient to control periodontal disease.
  • Good and effective brushing and oral hygiene home care – our professional team trains our patients on how to effectively care for their oral hygiene at home. 

To learn more about periodontal therapy options, contact our San Francisco team today.