Periodontal Therapy Union Square San Francisco

The San Francisco Center for Dental Medicine has created new standards for periodontal care, which link medicine and dentistry together.  San Francisco Dentist Dr. Mohamed Ali’s practice is the only San Francisco Certified Center for Dental Medicine.

With this certification, Dr. Ali is able to provide patients with the latest methods and techniques towards better periodontal care.

We offer periodontal health screenings to evaluate if patients are at risk for systemic disease.  In addition, we coordinate with a patient’s medical health team to reduce health risks with a variety of periodontal treatments.

Dr. Mohamed Ali believes that preventative care can make a dramatic difference for patient health.  At his San Francisco practice, Dr. Ali utilizes the skills learned from the Center of Dental Medicine Certification to focus on oral health.

To learn more about this certification, and to find out more about Dr. Mohamed Ali’s practice, contact our San Francisco team today at 415-391-7751.

If you have any questions on how we may serve you, please contact us.

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