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Plan For Health Benefits

Plan for Health is an in-office dental plan especially designed for people who do not have insurance. Members in the Plan for Health program may also use it as a supplement to the primary dental insurance. Plan for Health is managed by individual dental practices only and is not transferrable between different locations. 

Plan for Health offers only two kinds of programs:

Plan for Health membership program differs by locations. At our office, there are two programs. The $585 annual program offers three professional full mouth cleanings and the $780 annual program offers four professional full mouth cleanings, over a span of one year. The plan offers annual coverage including complimentary regular check-ups, complete examinations, full-mouth digital x-rays, and fluoride treatments. Additionally, the plan also offers a 20% discount on any restorative or surgical procedures. For people without insurance, this program is a fantastic tool to get the required dental treatment covered as well as maintain excellent oral hygiene. Patients who have primary insurance, using Plan for Health as supplemental insurance, increases coverage and can help get the treatment done at an extremely affordable cost.

Why is Plan for Health a better option for those who don’t have dental insurance?

  • Plan for Health aims to make dental wellness easy, reasonable, and affordable.
  • They reward loyal members who are keen on healthy living.
  • Patients pay one yearly fee that contains three to fours dental cleanings, intraoral digital x-rays, complete examinations, fluoride treatments, and a 15% discount on procedures and products.
  • It also provides complimentary patient education and ensures participants learn proper flossing techniques, and brushing, proper diet and nutrition for overall healthy habits, empowering them to be proactive against oral disease.
  • Plan for Health is valuable security for your smile and your health.
  • Plan for health one yearly fee helps you to maintain your dental health without the stress of dental insurance or the high out of pocket costs. 
  • You have to pay one time yearly payment, no premiums like dental insurance companies which can be expensive
  • There are no eligibility criteria to enroll in Plan For Health.
  • With Plan for Health, there is no payment to be done before treatment and it has reduced pain of filling for reimbursement or claims.
  • Some dental insurance companies need a preauthorization, precertification, pretreatment review, or prior authorization.  Plan for Health does not.
  • It is an alternative to dental insurance. It works like Dental Savings Plans typically costing less than dental insurance plans.
  • 60 percent of the cost is saved for many dental procedures, and there are no deductibles which most dental insurance plan has or any waiting periods and no annual maximums.

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At the San Francisco office of Dr. Mohamed Ali, we have in-office Plan For Health for those who don’t have dental insurances or for those whose primary insurance has low coverage or has been fully utilized. Once you visit Dr. Mohamed Ali, he will thoroughly examine your mouth and will present different options and also advise you on the best option, suited for you. The billing experts will check your insurance benefits and offer a complete treatment plan with the financial arrangements. We also accept all major dental and medical PPO insurance plans. Additionally, we have partnered with various financial institutions like Care Credit, The Lending Club, Healthcare Finance Solution, to make your dental care extremely affordable and pleasant. We will be happy to answer all your questions. So just sit, relax, and get your dental care. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 415.391.7751.

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