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Precautions For Our Patients During COVID-19 Times

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Mohamed Ali’s dental office is now open to all our patients. Dr. Ali has started seeing patients in our office from 1st June 2020. We are also here to provide you services via HIPAA compliant tele-dentistry technology for remote consulting. As we adjust our schedule, we ask for your patience and understanding as we move through different reopening phases.

We had planned meticulously for a surge and were relieved when we were not overwhelmed. We can treat all our patients by maintaining safety measures both for our patients and employees. We have started resuming elective cases from 1st June and are thrilled to be able to get aid to the many patients who are in pain and need surgery. While shutting things down was the true calling, suspending elective operations in the last six weeks has been difficult for us, as we see our patients in so much pain. But, for your safety, every patient is screened and then tested before the operation is allowed. While this is not full proof, it is better than a simple screening procedure as many patients are asymptomatic carriers, and don’t convert until a few days later. We have several task forces set up to work on protocols and plans to return to elective surgery. All surgical cases will be assigned a priority to determine how urgently the procedure needs to occur. The type of surgery, resources required, and patient risk factors determine the schedule of each case.

We are starting to see surgeons do cases that are urgent elective but not so very critical…so people are beginning to push boundaries. Notably, when we do commence, we will start with younger, healthier patients who are at the least risk. From an operations standpoint, if a second wave hits us, we are still maintaining the required resources to handle and care for those patients.

The safety of our patients and caregivers remains our top priority. We want to assure patients that Dr. Ali’s office facilities are better for them to receive care. Around two months, we have taken steps to increase safety by limiting visitors and screening them for potential COVID-19 symptoms, providing essential Personal Protective Equipment for caregivers, practicing physical distancing, expanding testing capabilities, and continuing to clean our facilities extensively.

Today we are taking the following steps to keep all our patients’ safety a top priority:

  • We require everyone in our office to wear masks while at work.
  • We are also testing every patient for COVID-19 before their procedure for the protection of patients and caregiver as well as keeping portions of all of our office COVID free.
  • We are testing all patients before surgery and staff at regular intervals. We are practicing social distancing in all areas, not allowing visitors, requiring masks, and planning carefully to isolate patients from inpatients who are COVID(+) or PUI [patient under investigation].”
  • Only one guardian is allowed per patient to decrease the traffic.
  • We are dismissing commonly touched items, such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc.
  • We maintain a comfortable social distance in the office.
  • We are screening surgical patients at least three times before the arrival.
  • All of our disinfectants are allowed for use against human coronaviruses.
  • We are using proper sanitization of equipment among various cases.
  • Additional sanitization cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces.
  • We are providing ample hand sanitizer and have adopted increased hand-washing standards.
  • We don’t allow our staff to work with any patients with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We are monitoring the supplies available.
  • We are not maintaining a busy waiting room.
  • We are integrating in-person and virtual patient clinic visits to be efficient.
  • We are limiting each patient’s exposure to staff (check-in, medical assists, APPs, schedulers, x-ray techs, etc.)

“We have had a good amount of time to plan for opening our office to all the patients and feel we are well prepared, despite the uniqueness of this situation. We have multidisciplinary teams working together more closely than ever, and there is an enhanced sense of teamwork that has developed across the whole organization. We are acting as a collective unit and operating in a very graceful fashion.”

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