Root Canal Recovery San Francisco

After a root canal, a patient can expect the tooth to feel a little sensitive from natural inflammation of the tissue.  If there was pain or infection before the root canal, a patient can expect more tooth sensitivity.  Many patients compare the sensation to that of getting a tooth filled for a cavity.

Because of the dental technology and techniques that San Francisco Dentist Dr. Mohamed Ali utilizes for root canal procedures, a patient can experience less discomfort than with traditional root canals.  Most patients do not feel any discomfort the day following the procedure, and can resume normal activities without hesitation.

The surgical microscope and technique that Dr. Mohamed Ali has mastered allows for faster treatment, less pain, and more comfort with a root canal than ever before.   In addition, the procedure time has been reduced meaning that a patient has to spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Learn More about Root Canal Treatments

To learn more about recovering from a root canal, and the root canal procedure, contact Dr. Mohamed Ali at his San Francisco office today.  A root canal does not have to be a painful experience.  Find out more about how modern technology and quality patient care can change the way you think about dental procedures.

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