Sedation Dentistry Side Effects San Francisco

Sedation dentistry can help quell patients’ dental fear, and help patients to regain control of their oral health. Under sedation, a patient can relax and feel calm while one or multiple dental procedures are completed.  When patients return to a full state of consciousness, they typically do not have any recollection of the dental procedure that just occurred.

With any sedation procedure, there are side effects that must be considered.  During an initial examination, Dr. Mohamed Ali meets with patients to identify any possible health concerns including:

  • Known drug allergies and sensitivities
  • History of hypertension
  • Other allergens
  • History of stroke, heart attack, heart defects, Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
  • Any neuromuscular disorders
  • Current medications and herbal supplements taken by a patient

As a certified IV Sedation Dentist, Dr. Mohamed Ali knows how to evaluate and manage any issues that arise during sedation.  Airway obstruction, hypotension, and apnea may occur when a patient is sedated, but at our San Francisco practice, patients are continuously monitored during each procedure.  While there are risks with sedation dentistry, San Francisco Dentist Dr. Mohamed Ali takes all of the proper precautions to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Sedation dentistry can make a dramatic difference in the lives of many patients.  If you would like to learn more about how you might benefit from sedation, contact Dr. Mohamed Ali today.

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