Teeth Whitening San Francisco

A common situation among patients is that they don’t realize how simple it is to obtain a nice smile. Opting for a teeth whitening service is the best option for patient’s looking to improve their smile. Patients often ask me if teeth whitening material will erode or eat their tooth enamel. I tell all my patients that our teeth whitening service is very safe and that it won’t impact the integrity of their enamel in any shape or form. Teeth whitening materials usually have two components. Upon the mix of the two, a chemical reaction will emit a free oxygen ion which will remove the staining of the enamel and give it a white shade. Over the counter teeth whitening methods use less concentrated whitening materials, materials that are good for maintaining the whitening procedure that patients obtain through their dentist’s teeth whitening service. Whitening services through the dental office offer one of two choices. 

Choice number one entails the making of a custom tray that fits over the patient’s teeth, located where the whitening material will be placed. Usually, sessions of thirty minutes are necessary for crafting satisfactory results. Choice number two is a one hour in-office visit with the aid of an activating light if desired. The in-office whitening is done under the supervision of a dentist. Protective materials are placed over the gum of a patient due to the high concentration of the whitening material. Patients will normally experience transient sensitivity with their teeth which tends to last for 24 to 48 hours. Patients must avoid having discoloring foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Prior to a patient starting their teeth whitening service, patients have to be checked by a dentist and cleared of tooth decay to avoid problems where decayed teeth can develop into extreme pain and result in a root canal.

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