Composite (Tooth Colored) Fillings

Dental composites (also called tooth-colored fillings) repair small cavities and blend in naturally, so you often can’t tell there’s been any dental work. Dr. Mohamed Ali uses clinically tested, bio-compatible, white tooth filling to repair cavities and cracks, and to responsibly replace old or failing mercury-based metal dental fillings. 

At our practice, tooth-colored fillings are used for many restorative and cosmetic dental reasons. Tooth-colored fillings have a similar thermal expansion rate to enamel, so they won’t crack your teeth like metal fillings. Tooth colored fillings also act like a splint by bonding to your teeth, strengthening your teeth structure. Tooth-colored fillings are very conservative and save your healthy enamel and dentin structure on your teeth. Finally, tooth-colored fillings blend in naturally to produce a bright and beautiful smile.

Patients with cavities, tooth decay, or failing metal fillings usually opt for tooth colored fillings.