Tooth Extractions

A tooth that is severely damaged may require removal through a tooth extraction. Dr. Ali ensures that patients are comfortable throughout the process, while removing any teeth that may spread infection to other areas of the mouth.  A tooth extraction may be necessary when decay is so severe that no other treatments can cure the infection.

To ensure that a patient is at ease before a procedure, Dr. Ali may recommend intravenous (IV) sedation along with local anesthetic, depending on a patient’s individual needs.  After the tooth is removed, a tooth may be replaced with a dental implant, a dental bridge, or dentures.

Dr. Ali uses the most cutting edge dental techniques, ensuring that the recovery period after a tooth extraction is minimal.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When there is enough room in the upper and lower jaw, wisdom teeth can erupt normally like the rest of the teeth. Due to human evolution, the upper and lower jaws have become smaller than our ancestors, resulting in less room for the wisdom teeth to erupt properly. Wisdom teeth which are not erupted normally or impacted under the gums and bone could become a source of many problems, leading to different complications including but not limited to infection, crowding of other teeth, cyst formation, damage of teeth anterior to them, limited mouth opening, and other issues. Wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthesia alone or with intravenous sedation for more comfort. Dr. Ali utilizes a very conservative surgical approach with the aid of L-PRF growth hormones to provide you with excellent treatment care, outcome, and fast recovery. 

Find Out More about Tooth Extractions

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